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Frequently Asked Questions

01 About the Project
What is FinCoral Ltd?

FinCoral Ltd is a team of professional analysts and players in the cryptocurrency market, which has hundreds of instruments in its assets for profit in the financial markets, including cryptocurrency. The main distinguishing feature of our company from competitors is the presence of its own unique trading strategies on cryptocurrency exchanges such as BitFinex, Poloniex, Binance, BitMex and others. Our analysts in real time analyze more than the initial 200 parameters to make a decision on the purchase or sale of a financial asset for maximum profit.

How to make deposit and start to earn?

Its very easy just login your account and click make deposit also choose a desire plan than choose payment processor to pay,you will able to earn hourly profit after you make deposit .

What payment systems cooperate with the company?

We accept Bitcoin, Litcoin,Ethereum,Perfect Money, currently.

Is there any risk for me to participate in FinCoral Ltd's investment plan?

Investors do not have any risk, we have 5 years experience in the investment of experts have a sound strategy earning plan, you only need to invest and regularly take your profits.

Can I have multiple accounts?

FinCoral Ltd only accepts one account, multiple accounts is not allowed,it will be blocked by the system.

How long will it take me to make a profit?

FinCoral Ltd is an hourly plan, the system will generate profits after you make an investment, For example, if you invest at 1: 00, you will receive your profit at 2: 00.

How long will it take to withdraw money?

Instant up to 12 business hours. All payments for Perfect Money are paid Instantly. Crypto currencies are processed manually within 12 business hours.

What if I forget the password?

Just click forget password on the login page and you can reset a new password.

What are the minimum withdrawals?

The minimum withdrawal is $ 0.10 for Perfect Money and $20 for BTC/ETH, $10 for LiteCoin. We will reduce the minimum withdrawal amount for Crypto Currencies in future but that may depend on their network fee charges.

Can I invest from one payment system and withdraw from another?

No.You can only withdraw from payment system that you was make deposit.

Do you charge fee when make withdraw?

No we dont charge any fee,fee will charge by payment system.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we have one level affiliate program,you will able to get 1%~3%~5% for different amount ranges. You can find your link on referral page.

Can I Earn from affiliate program without make any investment

Yes,you can post your Referral Link to facebook,twitter,vk,telegram,instagram or any social media to gain your referral commission.

Can I make multi deposit?

Yes you can deposit at any plan but you can invest different plan when first plan finished otherwise it may cause some problems.

Where can I buy bitcoin,litecoin or Ethereum?

You will able to find on Coinbase.com, Binance.com,okex.com,www.bitfinex.com etc